Migrating Database from MS SQL to MySQL

The misconception that MS SQL is superior to MySQL and vice versa is widespread. This is not the case since both systems have the same stability and efficiency. Always keep in mind that the quality of your user experience has a far greater impact on database stability and efficiency than does the database system itself. They each have merits of their own. Accordingly, it is essential that you base your system selection on your needs. But the trend suggests that most MS SQL companies have shifted to MySQL mostly because of the openness of the technology.

Changing to Open Source Software: Why and How?

Because of these benefits, Open Source software is quickly replacing proprietary programs as a serious and reliable option.


-Economical When compared to the exorbitant prices charged by private firms, the associated costs are manageable. Spending on innovation and service to customers is possible with these funds.


Since the source code is publicly available, understanding how the code functions is never out of reach. The program may be customized to fit your specific requirements. In addition, it allows users to adapt to new technology and changing situations, such as merging with preexisting systems.


Many people work together to create Open Source Software by reporting issues and providing patches. Since this is the case, they have earned a reputation for being sturdy and dependable.

Transition to MySQL

In order to take use of the many features available in Open Source Software, you should switch your database from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL. There are simple database conversion tools available in case you have difficulty with the MS SQL to MySQL conversion procedure. Intelligent Converters have created one such program, SQL Server to MySQL converter. With only a few clicks, you can easily transfer data from SQL Server or Azure SQL to MySQL, MariaDB, or Percona using this fantastic application.

Functions of a SQL to MySQL Conversion Tool

  1. It’s compatible with every release of Microsoft SQL Server (this include Azure SQL)
  2. It’s compatible with MySQL servers running on any version of Windows or Linux.
  3. An existing MySQL database may be merged with MS SQL data.
  4. You may export data from SQL Server to a MySQL dump file if you choose.
  5. It has the capability to transform indexes that include all required characteristics
  6. 6 It makes the necessary adjustments for all non-standard keys
  7. The resultant table structure may be modified as desired.
  8. To top it all off, the profile is where you may save your conversion preferences.
  9. Using SELECT-queries, you may filter data to just show what you’re interested in.
  10. Each table may be converted separately if desired.
  11. MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server may be brought into sync with one other.
  12. It can instantly transform Microsoft SQL Server views into MySQL structure
  13. It is compatibile with MariaDB & Percona
  14. Extensive command line support
  15. It’s simple to use, has a straightforward interface
  16. It’s simple to use, has a straightforward interface
  17. Allows for complete setup and removal
  18. This product can be customised as per the needs of the customer
  19. Unlimited 24/7 customer support
  20. There’s a yearly fee for access to new versions.