A Complete Buying Guide Of Rolex Sea Dweller

Rolex watches are known for their purpose-built drive timepieces, and no other can portray its ethos other than the Rolex Sea Dweller. It is one of the famous watches, just like the Rolex Submariner. Submariner is a dive watch; with its handsome look, it is one of the most sold-out units, whereas Sea Dweller can be used in deep water(OG hardcore watch). Rolex introduced Sea Dweller in 1967 with a potential of water resistance to 610m deeper. Moreover, like Submariner, it also carries a helium escape valve helpful for professional divers who have to live deep under the water for extended periods.

Teams Related To Rolex Sea-Dweller

  • Single Red:The earliest models of Sea-Dweller watches had a single red line text” Sea Dweller” written on the dial. Due to its uniqueness, this model got hit and became a high auction price timepiece.
  • Double Red:Double Red Sea-Dweller is another model with two lines of red dial text- Sea Dwellers and Submariner 2000. Initial, it had a water resistance capacity of up to 2000ft or 610 m. The people did not so like this model as the single Red model.
  • Great White:Rolex introduced this watch between 1977 to 1983; its name is Great white because the red line was replaced by white text.
  • Comex:The watch’s name was inspired by the pioneered saturation diving, and they licensed this model of Rolex. This model of Rolex Sea Dweller had a Comex logo on the dial. It has become a rare timepiece but very expensive.
  • Gas Escape Valve:In this model, the watch has a unique feature that is called “Helium Escape Valve”. This value releases Helium molecules in the watch case during the unwinding created due to the pressurised environment in deep driving.
  • Triple Six:It got its reference from the 16660, which features a sapphire crystal. It is one of the first Rolex watches to have this extraordinary feature. Additionally, it has an oversized dial that allows water resistance capacity exposing to 4000ft or 1220 meters deep down the water. The Helium valve also grew more extensive and had a quick-set feature.

Bottom Line

The Rolex Sea Dweller, which followed in 1967, has the same design as Submariner. But the features were made for professional drivers who need to stay under the deep water for longer. The new model, introduced in 2017, has a dial of 40mm to 43 mm and a Cyclops magnifier made of crystal. For all these unique features, it is one of the bestsellers of Rolex.