Why Is Rolex The Most Coveted Brand?

More many decades now, Rolex has proved itself to be the most sought after and prestigious brands when it comes to luxury watches. Musicians, film stars and politicians have all chosen these over all the other time pieces available. However, why is that?

Rolex was originally born in London in the year 1905. However, after the First World War, the brand switches places and went to Switzerland. Ever since then, the brand has moved from one timepiece to another providing amazing opulent and beautiful timepieces for those who are lucky enough to be able to afford these watches. The watches of this company undergo an extremely Manufacturing method. Every single component in the Rolex watch is made in house.

Since this is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to watches, they have over 500 patients of their own. Even though almost all of the watches are mostly hand assembled, the engineers do make use of certain machines during the process of manufacture. Another amazing fact about Rolex is that they make their own gold which are used in the watches. They have an in-house foundry. Rolex is the only watch manufacturer known to make gold.

Every timepiece that leaves the factory of Rolex is thoroughly checked with the highest level of scrutiny. If there is any imperfection, it is immediately corrected before the watch is released. Each of their watches have their special serial numbers. They are also cataloged and photographed at different levels.

Why Is Rolex The Dream Watch Of Every Person?

There are several reasons behind Rolex having such a huge following base. However, here are some of them.

·         Looks

Rolex watches give off a high end and luxurious feel. They are the perfect watches that can go along with any type of dress you wear. If you have the right Rolex, it will make you look super rich even if you go out in T shirt and jeans. For some people, getting a classy Rolex is much more about making them look rich than for the purpose of investment.

·         Value

Unless your Rolex watch gets damaged in some manner, there is a high chance that your watch will boost in value. This is why, Rolex has become a great investment choice. These watches are very popular among the famous and rich, but also amongst those who want to show off a bit.