Drug Addiction Warning Signs

There is a serious problem with drug, alcohol, and prescription drug addiction. If you or a loved one may be abusing drugs or alcohol, there are signs you may look out for. It will also help to know what happens when you overdose.

You continue taking a medicine even when it is no longer necessary to treat a health issue.

When you become “tolerant,” you need increasing amounts of a substance to have the same effects, and you can take more before experiencing any change.

After the medicine wears off, you feel odd. You might feel jittery, down, nauseated, sweaty, or have a headache. You can also not be hungry or be fatigued. In extreme situations, you might even get disoriented, experience seizures, or develop a fever.

Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t stop yourself from using the medication. Even though it causes negative events in your life, such as conflict with friends, family, coworkers, or the law, you continue to use it.

You think about the drug a lot: where to obtain more, when to use it, how it makes you feel, and how you’ll feel afterwards.

You find it difficult to set boundaries for yourself. You might promise to only use “so much,” but then find yourself unable to stop and utilizing twice as much. Or you utilize it more frequently than you intended.

Something you used to like doing no longer excite you.

You’ve started to struggle with performing routine daily tasks like working or cooking.

When using the substance, you drive or engage in other risky activities. To buy drugs, you steal or borrow money.

You conceal from others your drug usage or the impact it is having on you.

You’re finding it difficult to get along with your coworkers, teachers, friends, or family. They gripe more about your behavior or your transformation.