All About Angel Wing Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip

Lip surgery is trendy worldwide, whether used for huge lips, pouty lips, or “Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips.” It is widely used in angle wing horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips (ปากปีกนางฟ้า, which is the term in Thai) multiple surgeries, particularly among Asians.

 The horn chestnut-shaped lips procedure is a significant operation that shapes the upper lip to look like a chestnut. The upper eyelid curves upward, while the central portion curves backward like a neck. The top lip will unveil the teeth, creating a youthful and attractive appearance. The capability of performing a horn chestnut-shaped lip hysterectomy depends on the upper lip’s earliest size and form and facial percentages.

Core Functionality Of Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip

Top lip lift surgery dramatically reduces the philtrum (the space between the neck and the upper end of the mouth), which often grows longer with maturity. This process raises the lip, increasing the top lip’s visible portion and shortening the distance between nasal passages and the upper lip.

The cupid bow occurs when the entire face features a double shape or M shape, similar to the knot of the cupid. Pretty recurve lip improvement is a surgical procedure in which filler injections or autograft matrix modernization to continue increasing the prominent place of cupid’s neck. The physician will trace four elements before inserting the substance through the top lip’s demarcation line from both edges.

Fat is extracted first from the bloodstream in the groin area or below the arm. The fat is obtained so that only the micro fat remains. This is afterward into the top lip to plump the others up.

Lip Reshaping Perioperative Care

Within 24 hours, apply a cold compress to the lips to reduce swelling and discomfort.To reduce swelling, raise your head for a few days.

  • Maintain hydrated lips
  • Maintain clean incisions
  • Brush gently with a small toothbrush
  • Participate in all post-operative meetings and follow all postsurgical directions.

Lip Realigning Risks AndPitfalls

Lips are susceptible. Following surgery, you may experience minor side effectssuch as:

  • Inflammation Of The Wound
  • After A Few Days Of Discomfort
  • Loss Of Sensation
  • Bruising Hematoma
  • Inadequate Healing
  • Discrepancies


Although cosmetic surgeons are unsure of the origin of the horn-chestnut lip fad, researchers think it has grown in popularity over the past three to five years. The mouth form has been discussed since the previous few years, with individuals expressing a preference for big lips that resemble those of film stars, according to a participant in an online forum discussing plastic surgery.